IceHawk framework

A micro-framework respecting CQRS - written for PHP 7

What it is

The IceHawk framework and especially its self-titled main component provides a basic system for building HTTP based web applications, such as websites or RESTful APIs, using the CQRS approach. It simply seperates your code for handling read and write requests. A very basic prerequisite for building clean-structured, robust and well-performing web applications, strictly aligned to the HTTP protocol verbs.

With the additional IceHawk components you can easily manage session and form data, as well as message/event driven architecture.

The IceHawk framework is completely written in PHP 7 with strict types and fully tested with 100% code coverage.

What it is not

The IceHawk framework is not a full-blown out-of-the-box web application providing validation, logging, a template engine or even a frontend.

It is designed as a basic system covering the most common requirements of a from-scratch web application: Setup of session and error handling, final responding, wrappers for global variables, routing and the programmatic separation of handling read and write requests.

It is no magic! And that is pretty cool.

IceHawk components

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Holger Woltersdorf - Main author

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